The SwannieBraai is a MULTIPURPOSE QUICK GRILL that uses NEWSPAPER,  CHARCOAL & BRIQUETTES to BRAAI or BBQ your BOEREWORS, SAUSAGE & MEAT in only a few minutes!

Due to a huge demand in the market, we have designed and launched the NEW SQUARE SwannieBraai range.

They do the same job as the Original Round SwannieBraai, hailing from 1959, designed especially to braai wors just with a few balls of crumpled newspaper.

Meanwhile they evolved to also include charcoal and wood, if you so choose to.

Made in the Western Cape with better, thicker & stronger Stainless Steel.

There are 2 models, the “Bundu“, which folds flat into the double grid and is thus an excellent choice for bikers, 4×4 enthusiasts, campers, hikers, farmers and all who need to travel light and small.

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Then there is the “Kampir“, this one is build on the same principle as the Original Round one, it is just square and a lot stronger that will last much much longer.

The “Kampir” as it’s name says, is brilliant to have either at home or while you camping, in a circle of friends, supplying both a braaivleis fire or a leke bola to burn a few pieces of wood in.

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May the WORS be with you!